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Dimension India works with a client oriented approach and thus defines processes with flexibility and transparency. Outsourcing your architectural and engineering services to us would be the right decision, because we carry out our processes through a “Virtual Design Studio” model.

Our ‘Virtual Design Studio’ is just a means to delineate our outsourcing endeavors, so that you can know how we work and how we can help you with your architectural and engineering service requirements. We broadly define our operations on the following parameters:

  • Scope of Work

  • Whether it is a renovation detailing or complete construction designing, our experts would cover all the aspects and deliver the projects as per your details and deadlines (once mutually agreed). Our service offerings are comprehensive and our scope of work would be formulated based upon our mutual discussion.
  • Engagement Level

  • You may like to design your house or office on your own and get the detailing done, or you may want us to create designs for your space according to your needs and tastes. On the basis of our level of engagement in the project, we customize our operations, as per your convenience. We have skills and capability to take up architectural / engineering design or documentation projects from any stage.
  • Project Type

  • Our expertise lies in tailoring our operations as per the type of project you outsource to us. Whether it is architecture designing or engineering drafting, you may solicit the best services from us, depending upon your project execution methodology. We are capable and experienced on working with various building types spread across various continents.

    Whether your project is small or big, whether it is just detailing or a comprehensive designing solution, we follow an integrated approach, so that you don’t have to worry about your project at the project execution stage.

    In our Offshore Outsourcing Process, we understand your precise requirements and carry out the following step-by-step methodology:

    Project Planning through defining the scope and nature of output

  • At the initial level, the scope of the project is defined
  • This scope is interpreted in terms of the working hours required and documenting the precise time frame
  • This time frame, along with the pricing is documented in a proposal and sent for approval
  • Project Analysis through defining jobs and stages of job

  • After getting the approval of the project, resources are allocated to the same
  • According to the scope of project and the resources deployed, benchmarks are to be set
  • These milestones are then we put together as a working plan with definite stages for submissions and approvals
  • Project Execution Management

  • With due planning and analysis, the implementation is in momentum and is followed with ongoing in-process quality checks
  • These quality checks, along with internal and external reviews help in the improvisation of our designs and drafts
  • Step by step submissions and evaluations so as to get the feedback of client
  • Verification and Delivery

  • The execution of the project is followed by a final quality check and rectification of loopholes
  • After this, the project is completely documented and sent to the client
  • Our entire process of work is facilitated with regular communication with the clients, so that there is no scope for discrepancy or misunderstanding. Though our methodology is well-defined, but we are open to flexibility as per your convenience. At any step, if you require modifications or additional support, we would be more than happy to lend you a hand.

    We believe that transparency and reliance in a business deal make it more beneficial and would establish long lasting business relations. Hence, to restore trust in the minds of our clients, we ensure that the client’s identity and operations are strictly kept confidential and all data provided to us is not disclosed.